Flour By Horsepower

Buy organic flour

Here at Higher Biddacott Farm we produce organic flour from our working horse farm.

We run our small North Devon Farm organically and sustainably using our Shire horses to work the land.

It is a mixed farm with cattle and we share it with our bed and breakast guest who stay in our 12th century farmhouse or glamping railway carriage.

We want to share the flavour of acient grains with you. We gave grown the variety Squarehead Master this year and have YQ in the ground at the moment.

Flour by Horse Power is our homemade flour that is made with the help of our heavey horses here at Higher Biddacott Farm.

This flour is stoneground slowly to not damage the protein and bring you delicious, nutritious, flavoursome flour.

Our philosophy is to use methods that will not damage the soil but to work with the environment leaving an improved ecosystem, for the next generation to work with.

Flour by Horsepower wholemeal flour is perfect for bread making or sift out some of the bran for a lighter flour. Ideally use 70/30 ratio for bread or 50/50 for delicious soda bread. It is perfect for naan breads, savoury scones and pizza bases.

For more information on our flour be sure to contact us at Higher Biddacott Farm in North Devon.
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