The Railway Carriage

Access Guides

3 paces from flat gravel parking area onto grass through 220cm wide wrought iron gate.

10 paces on slightly sloping uphill grass to 9cm step on to flat stone terrace 

3 paces to 4 wooden steps each 11 cm high to French doors, width 115cm and 180cm high.

Carriage has a flat laminate floor with underfloor heating.

2 identical armchairs with seats 38cm wide and 50cm from the floor.

1 kingsize /  2 twin beds 64cm from floor.

Path of terracotta tiles lead from the terrace to  4 wooden steps each 10 cm high and 91.5cm wide down to bathroom.

3cm ridge to step over on door frame.Door is 82cm wide and 198cm high.

The toilet seat is 42 cm from the ground.

Hand basin is 42cm high

Wet room is open

All floor is tiled with no steps or ridges

Summer house is up 10cm step onto terrace.

French doors are 94 cm wide and 182 cm high.

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