The Shippon

Access Guides

Entrance Door is a stable door from a concrete yard, parking available just outside. There is a door frame to step over, 12 cm high and 15cm wide.

All the floor in both the main room and bathroom is level, tiled and with under floor heating.

Door width is  95cm and height 2m.

The king size bed is 53 cm from the floor and 2m long

The single bed is 91.5cm wide, 53cm from the floor and 2m long.

The dining table is 74cm from the floor as is the dressing table.

The dining chairs are 46cm seat height and the 3 seater sofa is 40 cm seat height. Cushions are available to raise the height.

The ensuite bathroom door is a double door and when fully opened is 83cm wide and 2m high.

The pedestal hand basin 86 cm high and the loo seat 47cm. A loo seat raiser is available on request.There is an open plan wet room.

The Victorian bath is 162 cm long, 66cm wide and 65cm high.

There is a washing machine available and a double sink 96cm high at the work surface.

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