Winning the Visit Devon Rose Award

Here at Higher Biddacott Farm we were so delighted to be given a 2022 Rose Award by the AA and Visit England assessment services. This stands for Recognition of Service with Excellence and nobody was more surprised than us to be given this! It has really boosted our morale after the last 2 years of doubtContinue reading “Winning the Visit Devon Rose Award”

A May Update

Hello everyone and welcome to the rain we have all been longing for! The grass is growing so we will be making hay after all and next Monday , May 17th we can at last open our doors and welcome our first bed and breakfast guests for 2021. Even the swallows were late arriving thisContinue reading “A May Update”

Biddacott Blog !

Life in LOCKUP ! Hi everyone, Life in LOCKUP ! Biddacott Blog ! Hope you are all keeping well and safe . Lockdown continues and we just thought that with our new website launch we would include a blog to update you with all that we are doing on the farm and in the farmhouseContinue reading “Biddacott Blog !”